The  Mechanics of Mediumship are employed by us every day of our life! In the office, at school, in the supermarket, at home, whist driving, writing, travelling and so on.

Even on a journey the e.t.a. is ever present and our thoughts are already there travelling ahead of time, even into the following week in some cases.

My point?

  • From the time we rise in the morning until the time we return to sleep, we are using our senses; feel, touch, see, smell etc Mediumship operates similarly.

Mediumship Development

  • Mediumship Development covers every aspect of on-going training including but not limited to the following or necessarily in the same order :-
  • Mediumship “ comes in a package” and by developing our natural sensitivity to a higher degree we become ‘in tune’ with all things during which our Soul has a glimpse of its own universe!

Spiritual and Self Awareness
Spiritual mind/consciousness/nature….Mediumship operates via the mind. Beliefs can conflict and confuse but provable facts do not. You are more than you think you are and by searching for and discovering the truth for yourself can be an amazing and beautiful experience

Spirit Guides
Meditation leads to conscious co-operation; listening learning and understanding that you are co-operating with highly evolved spiritual beings. It becomes the missing part of the puzzle for you to put into place.

The term clairvoyance is often very loosely used to mean communication with the Spirit World, whether that communication is perceived by the medium as a sound, a vision or sensations, the mechanism by which this happens is similar.

Spiritual Healing and Physiology
We are able through our own understanding to question, learn, become involved with and be inspired by Spiritual Healing.
We learn to recognise that it is a complete practice and to understand that it is an amalgam of Spirit, Mind and Body – a Soul progression.

Colour and Vibration
Vibration is a term that is loosely used in psychic matters to embrace a variety of conditions and situations.

Psychometry and Psychic Art
Psychometry ….is divination by means of an interpretation of the emanating vibrations from an article which has been held or worn by an enquirer.
Psychometry has often been called ‘soul sensing’, the word was ‘coined’ in 1842 from the Greek word ‘psyche’ (soul) and Merton (measure).

Psychic Art
Psychic Art used correctly, is an amazing phenomenon.
The Medium / Artist having stated that they wish to work in this way becomes inspired by a Spirit Guide / Artist and learns to how to co-operate. With practice and willingness ‘not wilfulness’ wonderful results can be achieved.


  • The Principles of Arthur Findlay on current philosophy and its place in modern day beliefs.

Physical Phenomena

This phenomena require two essential forms of human energy :-

  • The directing powers of Spirit intelligence
  • The psychic powers of a Medium
  • It is the simplest and most primitive of phenomena.
  • The special characteristics of these phenomena are that it can be seen and therefore leaves no doubt in the observers mind.
  • This is a serious form of Mediumship and if respected with intelligence can provide very interesting results indeed.

All aspects of Mediumship are a form of altered consciousness…aspiration, idealism, patience willingness and sincerity of motive…reason for trance for example…proof of survival, teaching and healing.

Public Presentation  
A Mediums work is primarily to prove survival of earthly death through the “medium” of communication between the physical existence and the spiritual existence of life….( conscious mind to conscious mind ….incarnate to discarnate ). An experienced Medium accepts their responsibility of Mediumship and the fact that whatever is said by them can ultimately affect a person’s life.


Carol Brenchley CSNU (Formerly Hess)