Carol Brenchley CSNU
International Clairvoyant – Healer and Teaching Medium

I have been aware of a continuing Spirit existence since my early childhood.

I was fortunate that my family, though Methodist had the insight to allow me the freedom of expression I needed to continue with my awakening Spirituality, without ridicule or embarrassment throughout my adolescence.

At the age of fourteen I would often see the aura of light of a particularly inspired vicar as it literally hit the ceiling.

He was a particularly intelligent man with a young family and “it struck” me that he was trying to teach not preach.

The interesting fact here is that I remember knowing that the aura of light around him was an attunement of sincerity.

Fascinated by this fact, I naturally wanted to learn more of what I had seen so I began a quest for knowledge

The fact that I could often help friends with “what do I do now” or “what will happen next” gained me a reputation as a  “seer” so to speak,

I am certain that this still happens to people today, often leading to an intelligent debate regarding psychic affairs and Spirit communication.

During this time in my life I experienced some truly amazing phenomenon.

Often communication from the ‘Spirit World’ was so clear and concise that it convinced me that I should follow my heart and work as a Medium

Having already accepted the fact that life continues I decided to pursue a deeper understanding of this fascinating subject.

I started my own scientific and practical research, increasing my understanding of humanity and the knowledge of what is called para-normal.
This motivated me to attend the Arthur Findlay College.

Arthur Findlay was a Scottish banker who conducted exhaustive research into life after death.

He was utterly convinced and left a legacy including a large country estate whereby Mediums could receive recognised teaching and training and where his research could continue.

I completed my studies and found myself thinking, “I’m a Medium what do I do now?”
There followed a need  to share this evolutionary understanding with others and I had the good fortune to be asked to teach at the Arthur Findlay College on several occasions.

I am an Award Holder of the Spiritualist National Union and have worked in Canada, Germany, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and Italy demonstrating Clairvoyance and as a Tutor and Trainer of developing Spiritual Mediums.

The training and teaching from student to practising medium is pragmatic and realistic in a natural way, without being “ mysterious or sensationalised”.

The theme of my work is “Roots and Branches”.
The roots symbolise the foundation created by education and enlightenment enabling the students to reach out to the world with the wonderful phenomenon we call Mediumship.

I am certain that there are many people who have had personal experiences, which they put to one side and have not been able to share them.

I am always available for people who want to know more because they deserve  “ logical common sense answers” which apply to their own wonderful journey both to and of self- discovery.

Carol Brenchley CSNU (formerly Hess)