George Brenchley Clairvoyant and Healing Medium

Born in Scotland George has been aware of the “greater force of life” since childhood and spent his early years developing an affinity and love for the Natural World.

He served ten years as a Royal Marines followed by a career in coal mining, tunnelling, rig construction, offshore oil drilling and project management.

George has lived his life in a different way than most of us but because of the challenging experiences he had during this time it enabled him to start the process of beginning understand the plight and sacrifice of others.

It was not until he met and befriended Russell Hunter a Medium living in Scotland that his Spiritual gift as a natural born Healer was realised.

George moved to Holland but kept in touch with Russell by the power of thought and on one occasion when Russell ‘manifested’ in George’s home he called Russell immediately and found that he was very sick. George arranged for healing to be sent and Russell recovered.

It was some years later that George decided to follow his heart and devote his time to serving others by working in obvious conscious co-operation with the Spirit World.

He is a professionally trained Medium, with his greatest love being the aspect of Healing Mediumship.

He has had many wonderful healing experiences including spiritually projecting himself to the bedside of his terminal ill Aunt in Scotland whilst living in England.

He carries out his work in a sincere and pragmatic way using humour and common sense rather than sensationalism.

He has worked successfully in Italy, Switzerland and here in the UK.

George Brenchley