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5) Life’s Event. Written and composed by Jayne Neale

My Guide is with me always, to protect and keep me safe. A former Human life did give, his guiding light in Spirit lives. He stays in memory, he never leaves. Sometimes hidden. Somewhere deep, but always close. Within my reach. When I close my eyes to rest. My mind and thoughts put through the test. I ask myself why? What do I think? What is the answer? I need to know. Deep in my mind are things unfelt. But see and heard by me alone. With Spirit, love and power of thought. The valuable knowledge I’m being taught. Each day I wake, I’m grateful for life. No time for hatred, war or strife. Whatever the hardship. Whatever the pain. I will succeed and share my gains. My Spirit is strong and shows me the way. Along my Spiritual path each day. If the path gets rocky. He won’t let me falter. His healing hand to break my fall. If I sense failure, I pass it by. I’ll stand strong and mighty. With head held high. I am not weak my Spirit is strong. He helps me face the world head on. Sometimes I err and lose my way. I renew my faith, it’s just one day. Tomorrow I will start anew. My courage and strength will help me through. Life is a memory to cherish and love. Our Spirit watching from above. Remember your life on Earth is lent

It’s YOUR life’s journey


4) Life in  Harmony by Susan Underdown

> I looked down my garden and stood and watched the chickens and the three big cockerels and one small bantam cockerel and he is the foistyest of them all , the chickens seem to sashey in between them, I throw some corn over the gate and they charge up, they look so funny, the cockerels are right behind them but they let the chickens eat first and when they think have had enough they dive in.  The birds are not eating alone there are two tame rabbits , Jasper the cat sits there licking his paws with two chickens and it looks like they having a good old yarn, Maisie the bossy cat lays sprawled out on top of the hutch sunning herself, and Dinky (the biggest cat you’ve ever seen) comes plodding up the path, Rosie is busy munching on something she is Callum’s dog, they all mingle together and get on rarely squabble, they share everything even the hen house and are protective of each other. My point is   if animals can get on why can’t humans, why are they so greedy and selfish , they need to buy some chickens, sit and watch and learn a lesson

3) Divine Awakening

I really enjoyed reading Souza Yazig Spiritual experience ‘s .  It reminded me of my own, it must have been about six or so years ago, I was at a particularly low point in my life , I felt lost and lonely and a bit scared although I had family around me.  I needed something but didn’t know what, every night I prayed for help to my Nan and Grandad to God and to Spirit and the Angels for help and to guide me . A couple of days later at work I spotted a poster regarding a place in town that had opened doing holistic therapys etc, so I took it down saying to myself I would put it back tomorrow, the next day I took it with me to show my daughter, I said I really fancy doing meditation but there’s nothing in the leaflet about that , she said well ring up and ask , I umd and ard all morning , my daughter came home and was exasperated with me and handed me the phone , yes they said we have one starting tonight  at five come along we would love to meet you, I left my daughters with a smile on my face, at work as the afternoon went on I got nervous , but at four forty I finished work I felt calm I got in my car and went straight there , there were about ten other people one face I recognised from work, the meditation started  it was guided and that night I believe I saw my Spirit Guide  I can still see his image looking back at me smiling, I knew then that the Spirit world had been listening , that night my life changed forever 💜

2) Sue Underdown absolutely loved the poem – Spirit of the Brook, also her thoughts;

The Energy of Love

I was pondering this before my lunch time meditation after all the terrible things going on around the earth, and these are the words that  I wrote down

Money is the root of discontent, love doesn’t come into this equation, greedy and power hungry they want everything no matter the cost, but the seed of love can be sown in there hearts through healing on a love vibration and forgiveness, the power of love is strong and can change darkness into light.

1) The Mysteries of Life by Souha Yazigi

Will we be ever able to reach the Mystery of Life?

I do not have any psychic abilities but many times in my life I lived short experiences that made me often wonder about what really exist beyond the veil of our lives.

William Blake said once ” if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite…”

Today I would like to share two experiences I have lived, which reminds me of what he said, as they particularly hit me  …..one of this experience happened during a cruise vacation on the Nile.

One morning at dawn, while waiting for our guide to take us to visit an old temple, I was watching the depth of the Nile, and enjoying the sound of silence. What happened next remains to me unexplained?

I suddenly physically felt a deep and strong energy coming all around me, folding me and embracing me…when it left me, there was only one truth which came to my mind: eternity and I, had met.

The other experience I would like to recount happened at night while I was sleeping:

I was dreaming I was in the cosmos among the stars…and suddenly I saw a red cloud coming to me: and an inner voice exclaimed: oh so God does really exist!!!

This dream had created such a strong impression on me that the following day and the one after I remained in a state of deep serenity, observing the world, my work environment, my family and nothing at all really mattered to me:

I knew that what I felt and saw was a proof that there is in fact something that exists beyond our death, beyond our individuality.

The power of our perceptions might be the key that would enable us to have a glimpse on this mystery….and who knows? maybe one day, to join infinity…