Thoughts of the week

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4) Spirits Gifts of Unspoken Love by Sue Underdown

Mother Earth and the Universe, these are gifts of unconditional love from the Divine Spirit.

Unspoken acts of this unconditional love are all around us.

It is the sun, the moon and the stars, the sun to illuminate the darkness and the beauty of the moon and the stars.

So we know there is nothing to fear of that darkness, there will always be light and love.

Spirit is in all things, things you see every day, the trees harbouring insects for birds to eat, offering shelter from the mid-day sun.

The gentle meandering streams flowing from spirits divine love, sustenance in the fruit of these trees and plants that grow everywhere you only have to know them.

Divine Spirit embrace us all irrespective of colour, creed or gender with unconditional love.

Open your eyes and see ‘it is there’ and embrace all living things in unconditional love as the Divine Spirit has granted you.


3) Never hold on to the past as you can’t change it. Look back just once, close the box and move forward to the future. By Jayne Neale

2) Love is the energy which gives us our world. Our existence is a vibration of that love which is in a continuous neutral state until we recognise that it is our choice in which way we use this love.

1) The Spirit of the Brook by Carol’s Dad, Sid Stevenson

When all the world was young and life so fair and free,
When happiness was all we had and all we wished to be,
The years flew by like a summer’s breeze, suddenly we are old,
When I have passed away, what does the future hold?

Not everyone gets to heaven, maybe only a chosen few,
If there is no place above please give me something to do,
Don’t let me wander evermore through an empty universe, lost and alone,
Still here on earth in some small spot, let my Spirit still work for you,

If there is to be a new land of fountains, brooks and springs,
With milk and honey blessed a tiny place of all living things
Let me be the spirit of the brook, I could be there, unknown and unseen
May I be the Spirit of the running brook to make my life serene

To hear the music of the brook, the laughter of the hills, the sound of silence,
The crooning of the wind, the patter of the raindrops and never get wet,
See the fruits of the fields and never hunger, watch the stars and never tire,
Feel the warmth of the sun and follow the moon rising higher and higher,

Everyday I could watch for you to see that they never fail,
Even in winter’s icy blast, or through the worst of a gale,
I’d hear the church bells ring for you, in days of snow and ice,
My spirit ever drives me on and may, at last, take me to paradise.